A.R.I.C.A. is. . . Each of Us.

Source: A.R.I.C.A. is. . . Each of Us.



Welcome to OjibWear. I started my OjibWear life by sewing buttons on my Aunt Marion’s satin dresses.  I tied the knot on top of the button and was gently reprimanded.  The button goes underneath the button!  My next lesson was creating what Shoshone Women call a “Squaw Dress”.  I don’t remember the color, but I remember the style…Flathead style.  I say on a hard metal chair in front of her Singer Treadle Sewing  Machine, moving my feet up and down on the pedal…sewing, sewing, sewing while my little sister Roxanne watched me. I wore that dress and danced in that dress and won a couple of dance contests at Ft. Washakie and at the Ethete Pow Wow in Wind River, Wyoming.nine.  I was about eight years old.

I am an enrolled member of the Chippewa-Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy.  Thomas Chippewa. My mother is enrolled in the Eastern Shoshone Tribe Roberta (Wesaw-Chippewa)Engavo.  I choose to live in Tulsa, Oklahoma because there is a large population of Native Americans that live here.  The city is filled with artists from everywhere.  The people are cool, the atmosphere is warm and the climate is semi-tropical and the Natives are good lookin! There is opportunity.